New stamp celebrates the Royal Canadian Mint’s centenary

Canada Post today issued a domestic rate stamp in celebration of the Royal Canadian Mint's centennial.

Headquartered in the nation's capital, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is among the largest and most elaborate minting operations in the world. Though originally established to produce domestic coinage, the Mint's reputation for innovative designs and detailed craftsmanship soon attracted an international market. Today, the RCM is at the forefront of currency innovation, producing all Canadian coins and those for many other countries, as well as a range of collectables that celebrate the many diverse aspects of Canada's vibrant culture.

The stamp features the 50-cent piece featuring a crown and a border of maple leaves; which was Canada's first domestically-produced coin. At 29 mm in circumference, the coin is represented in its actual size.

Sophisticated techniques were used in the design, such as embossing and micro-embossing. These methods showcase the delicacy and precision that goes into the execution of the RCM's collective coins; they also create a 3-D quality.

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