San Marino: The Olympic Games In Beijing

The 29th Olympic Games will be inaugurated on the 8th of August 2008, with a grand opening ceremony in the "Bird's Nest" stadium in Peking, one of the architectural gems built expressly for this extraordinary event. A couple of important and representative international Olympic sporting disciplines become the subjects of a prestigious and exclusive philatelic issue, dedicated to the Beijing Olympics.

This souvenir sheet, approved both by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the CONS (San Marino National Olympic Committee), is made up of three values of €0,36-0,65 and 0,85.

Table tennis, swimming and fencing are the three disciplines represented in white on a sky-blue background, which recalls the San Marino flag. Table tennis, better known as ping pong, a sporting discipline with over a century of history behind it, which became part of the Olympic structure in 1988 during the Seoul Olympics, is depicted on the €0,36 stamp; whilst the €0,85 value is dedicated to swimming and depicts two athletes competing in the backstroke and freestyle competitions.

Fencing, a sporting discipline in which many countries excel, appears on the €0,65 stamp, with the inscription Olympex 2008, referring to the Olympic Expo 2008, a philatelic exhibition which will be held in Peking from the 7th to the 18th August, 2008.

Issue date: 13th June 2008

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