Triangular Stamp for the Olympics in Beijing

For the second time in a row Janne Holmen, the marathon runner from Aland, participates in the Olympics. This is also the second time for the Aland Post to issue a stamp in a relation to the Olympic Games, which are this time arranged in Beijing, China.

Janne Holmen is the third person from Aland ever to participate in the Olympics. His debut in the Olympics took place in Athens in 2004, where he ran the marathon in 2.17,50 and came in 22nd. Janne's biggest breakthrough happened in Munchen 2002 when he won the European championships in marathon. In connection with that, the Aland Post made a stamp with Janne Holmen on it. It was issued on 1st November 2002.

In addition to Janne Holmen, Frej Liewendahl and Karl-Johan Hellstrom from Aland have participated in the Olympic Games. Frej, who was a runner, came in sixth in the 1500 metres' run in the Paris Games in 1924, whereas the boxer Karl-Johan (with the stage name Johnny) participated in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. He won his first match, but was then eliminated in the second.

The stamp for the Olympics brings about a big piece of news: it is namely the first triangular stamp issued by the Aland Post. The stamp is designed by Juha Pykalainen, who is a well-known artist for all Aland collectors. With this stamp, Juha has used the fellowship of the Olympics as inspiration and the stamp portrays many happy faces from all around the world.

Date of issue: 9.5.2008

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