Aland Scenery: Badhusberget, Mariehamn

Mariehamn is the only town in Aland. With approx. 12 000 inhabitants, there is plenty room for other things than just asphalt streets and concrete tower blocks. Just take a look at this Aland scenery stamp!

Mariehamn is a young town, established in 1861, when Aland and Finland were part of the gigantic Russian Tsar regime. The town was named after Maria, who was married to the Russian Tsar Alexander II.

Close to 1.5 million people comes to Aland annually. Most of them arrive at the western harbour of Mariehamn by one of the ferries. You need not go far from the town center to enjoy some picturesque views.

A popular green open space, centrally located in Mariehamn, is the hill Badhusberget, which stands approx. 40 metres high. Mariehamn's water tower is situated on top of the hill, which offers a splendid view of the western harbour, the museum ship Pommern and the Sea of Aland. A stroll along the Love Path will reveal where the dwarfed pine tree on the stamp was photographed.

Date of issue: 15 April 2008

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