Jersey Orchids VI

On 20th May 2008, Jersey Post will issue the sixth set of stamps in its 'Jersey Orchids' series. The orchids featured on the stamps are some stunning examples of the award winning orchids grown at the world renowned Eric Young Orchid Foundation in Jersey.

The stamps and Miniature Sheet feature:

35p - Cymbidium Avranches 'Victoria Village' AM/RHS
39p - Miltonia 'Tesson Mill'
43p - Anguloa Victoire 'Trinity' AM/RHS
52p - Phragmipedium La Hougette
58p - Phragmipedium Havre des Pas 'Jersey' AM/RHS
76p - Paphiopedilum Rolfei 'Trinity' AM/RHS
£2.50 - Paphiopedilum Rocco Tower

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