Door knockers on stamps

The humble "Habbata" (door knocker), a relatively small and insignificant item of furniture, has been chosen to feature on this set of four stamps.

The stamps, with face values of Euro 0.26 (Lm0.11c), Euro 0.51 (Lm0.22c), Euro 0.63 (Lm0.27c) and Euro 1.77 (Lm0.76), are 44.0mm x 31.0mm in size, with a perforation of 13.9mm x 14.0mm (comb). The stamps are offset printed on Maltese Crosses watermarked paper by Printex Limited of Qormi, and are available in sheets of ten.

The four examples chosen for the stamps are found on the doors of the Ministry of Finance; the Museum of Fine Arts; the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations; and the Museum of Archaeology.

Issue date: 5 March 2008

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