Aland: Fine Fishes Swim on Stamps

In 2008, the perch and the zander are in turn to be featured on two definitive stamps. The fish illustrations were taken from the illustrated work 'Finlands fiskar malade efter naturen af Gosta Sundman' issued in the late 1800s.

The Finnish illustrator and author Gosta Sundman has drawn the fine illustrations of the perch and the zander. The drawings are included in the volume of prints with detailed texts called 'Finland's Fishes' issued 1883-1893. This illustrated work was used for teaching among other purposes.

The perch is one of the most common species of fish in Aland, appearing in all lakes and bays as well as in the outer archipelago. It is probably the most popular type of fish in Aland, since it is easily caught and a real delicacy! Zander fishing in Aland has become increasingly popular over the latest years. The zander fishing season is from April to September with June as the peak month.

Both stamps have been issued with a Metal FX-effect.

The Metal FX-effect implies that a lustrous silver colour has been added to the body of the fish, an excellent match of the original silver lustrous illustrations dating from the late eighteen hundreds!

Date of issue: 1 February 2008

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