King Juan Carlos I stamps

Eight new stamps with the portrait of H.M. King Juan Carlos I are issued within the definitive series. The Definitive Series consists of "stamps with a range of denominations sufficient to cover all posted rates and printed in a number large enough to meet postal demands." The stamps that make up this series always depicts the portrait of the Spanish monarch and since 1975 when Juan Carlos I was proclaimed King, five different definitive series have been issued.

The first series was issued on the 15th July 1976 and lasted until 1984. It was illustrated with a photograph of the young monarch. Throughout these years eight issues were printed with thirty different stamps. The second definitive series was issued from 1985 to 1992. It was made up of twenty seven denominations issued throughout ten different dates. In this series the size of the stamps was reduced and a new portrait was depicted. The third definitive issue was launched in 1993 and was in use until 2000. It was made up of 20 denominations issued on thirteen occasions and the main characteristic was that the left margin was crossed by a red stripe. The new portrait of the King was the work of Jorge Martin Burgillo.

The fourth definitive series, issued from 2001 to 2006, was altogether made up of 30 stamps. The ones issued in 2001, the transition year from the peseta to the Euro, had their face values in both currencies and those issued from 2002 onwards were issued only in Euros. A new portrait of the King brought about this new series in which the rate and the crown were printed in silver at the top.

Finally, the fifth series began to be issued in 2007 and is the one currently in use. In this series features the last portrait of King Juan Carlos I in a close-up shot. The royal crown, at the left top corner as the rate, at the bottom left corner, are printed in gold.

Issue date: 2 January 2008

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