Old toys stamps

Old toys are nowadays real museum pieces and once more feature in a stamp issue made up of eight self adhesive rate A stamps depicting emblematic toys chosen amongst the most representative and valuable pieces from the batches of eight of the most important toy museums in Spain.

In this year's issue we find a Cruise liner from the Museu del Joguet de Catalunya de Figueres. This institution has more than 4.000 pieces and was founded by Joseph Maria Joan Rosa and inaugurated in 1982; there's also a Bean Bag Toss from the Museu del Joguets de Denia. This museum shows toys from the early XX century to the 60's; also depicted in this issue is a Set of Bucket and Spade from the Fundacion Raquel Chaves de Vigo; a Stagecoach from the Museu de la Jugueta de Sa Pobla which has a great number of handmade and industrial pieces from the XIX and XX centuries; a Barquillero (rolled-wafer container) belonging to the Fundacio Museu Valencia del Joguet d'Ibi with pieces donated by the Paya family; a Diabolo coming from the batches of the Museo de Juguetes de Albarracin, an institution founded by collector Eustaquio Castellano; a set of Arquitecture from the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares de Sevilla, founded in 1972 and finally a Submarine representing the Museu de la Joguina de Sant Feliu de Guixols which keeps the Tomas Pla collection.

All of these toys belong to the batches of the above mentioned museums and their pictures will remain forever through the stamps that make up this year's issue.

Issue date: 2 January 2008

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