San Marino: Artists

The set is made up of four values: € 0,60 - € 0,65 - € 1,00 and € 1,80 and celebrates the following artists: the brilliant conductor, Arturo Toscanini, and the Florentine painter, Ottone Rosai, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of their deaths, the neoclassical sculptor, Antonio Canova, to mark the 250th anniversary of his birth and the Venetian playwright, Carlo Goldoni, to mark the 300th anniversary of his birth.

On the decorative strips of the sheets, made up of 16 stamps, are inserted a portrait and a brief biography of these four artists.

On the € 0,60 stamp is depicted Toscanini's profile as he directs an opera, whilst on the € 0,65 stamp appears the famous statue of Paolina Borghese Bonaparte as Venus the Conqueress, created by the sculptor, Canova, extoller of the ideal of feminine beauty and considered one of the leading exponents of Neoclassicism.

The € 1,00 stamp shows Arlecchino from an image inspired to Ferruccio Soleri and represents the play Arlecchino, servant of two masters, one of the most important comedies by the playwright, Goldoni, whilst the € 1,80 stamp depicts Via Toscanella, a recurring subject in the pictorial works of Rosai, because it was in that road that the painter lived and established his first painter's studio.

Issue date: 3 December 2007

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