Hong Kong: Christmas Stamps

A festival of Western origin, Christmas is celebrated in many places around the world. Hong Kong is no exception. At Christmas time the city is lit up by glittering decorations, with sweet carols floating in the air.

To bring tidings of comfort and joy, Hongkong Post issued its first set of Christmas Stamps in 2002.

The innovative design of its second set features a perfect fusion of elements from Western tradition and local culture. The four stamps in this issue blend traditional Christmas icons with local elements to inspire a feeling of affinity: a stocking in red-white-and-blue nylon canvas ($1.40), an egg tart in the form of a smiling Gingerbread Man ($2.40), a bell-shaped sparkling neon light ($3) and a jolly Snowman dressed in a cotton-padded Chinese vest ($5).

Issue date: 11 October 2007

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