Guernsey: Deck the halls

This set of 12 Christmas stamps is divided into six 'cool' ones and six 'warm' ones, the former reflecting the weather (although choosing the most magical of conditions - snow - rather than the more typical rain and wind), while the latter echo the log-fire and candlelight atmosphere indoors.

The cool six, instantly recognisable through being on blue backgrounds, encompass some of the Christmas items associated with being outdoors; from a snowflake to a pine cone, a natural and freely available decoration that can be found in abundance in Guernsey, in the lanes and on the cliffs.

The warm six, suffused with red that suggests the flickering flames of a big fire in the grate, have the feeling of a wonderful Christmas Day spent unwrapping presents and cracking walnuts after a big lunch.

Date of issue: 25 October 2007

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