The Houses of Lancaster and York

The Houses of Lancaster & York are the first in an annual series that will take a look at the Kings and Queens of England, Scotland and after 1603 the United Kingdom.

1st class: Henry IV (1399-1413) & Henry V (1413-1422);
54p Henry VI (1422-1461 & 1470-1471) & Edward IV (1461-1470 & 1471-1483);
69p Edward V (1483) & Richard III (1483-1485)

The miniature sheet takes a separate look at the life and times of the age, with four events from the reign of the Houses of Lancaster and York.

1st class: Owain Glyn Dwr's rebellion and the Welsh Parliament in 1404.
1st class: Henry 5th triumph at the Battle of Agincourt where the English archers defeated a superior force of French knights in 1415.
78p: The Battle Tewkesbury where the forces of York finally defeated the Lancastrians in 1471.
78p: William Caxton, the first man to operate a printing process in England in 1477.

Issue date: 28 February 2008

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