Postal service refuses to print stamp with swastika

The Israel Postal Company's security department recently filed a complaint with the police against a young man from Haifa who had asked the national postal service to issue a personalized stamp of himself wearing a Nazi insignia.

The postal company's "My Stamp" service allows customers to order a personalized stamp carrying their own picture. Customers interested in the service may send their pictures via e-mail. The service is particularly popular with couples sending wedding invitations. Advertisement

But the man against whom the postal service complained sent a picture of himself dressed in black, wearing a swastika armband on his left arm. He also had a Hitler-style moustache. The security department made the complaint at the Tel Aviv District Police Headquarters.

Israel Post's President and CEO, Avi Hochman, said that as a son of Holocaust survivors he was shocked to see the picture, and that he ordered the service's security unit to investigate the case right away, and to involve the police.

Hochman added that the man's request to print the stamp was refused because it did not meet the postal service's conditions for personalized stamps of "upholding the dignity of the State of Israel and of the Jewish tradition." Personalized stamps are regarded as official documents of the State of Israel.


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