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In 2006, the Portuguese Post Office - CTT - signed a partnership protocol as part of the National Literacy Plan (PNL), an initiative of the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture and the Office of the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, aimed at raising the literacy levels of the Portuguese people.

In order to promote a social environment more favourable to the development of children's reading and writing habits, the CTT - Portuguese Post Office - and PNL issued a challenge to a number of Portuguese schools, inviting them to take part in the programme - "Where does your imagination take you?"

As part of the programme's activities, pupils and teachers were invited to take part in the competition "Where does a stamp take you?", for which children had the chance to design a stamp.

The jury, formed of both CTT and PNL members, assessed the entries according to pre-set criteria of aesthetic quality and creativity and awarded one prize for each of 3 age groups: pre-school, 1st and 2nd cycle of basic education. Among other prizes, the winners saw their entries actually made into stamps.

Issue date: 9 October 2007

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