Have you heard the buzz? Stamps come to life in the form of beneficial insects

From the dragonfly resting on an air mattress in cottage country to lady bugs in farmers fields, insects that benefit the environment are everywhere and on October 12, Canada Post will issue a set of five low value definitive stamps featuring five of them.

Beneficial Insects are a subject matter many Canadian gardeners will be pleased to see appear on a stamp. The new penny stamps (1-2-5-10-25-cents) will be embellished by the every day beauty of these common insects known as the Ladybug (Convergent Lady Beetle), the Lacewing (Golden-Eyed Lacewing), the Bumblebee (Northern Bumblebee), the Dragonfly (Canada Darner) and the Moth (Cecropia Moth).

Stamp designer Keith Martin took a playful approach in creating the stamps, positioning the images such that the content of the stamp

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