Aland Scenery: Kjusan, Hammarland

This year's second stamp of the Aland scenery series features the municipality of Hammarland, situated in the western parts of main Aland.

The municipality of Hammarland is the third largest municipality in Aland. Andy Horner took the stamp photo, which shows the area Kjusan, spreading out close to the church of Hammarland.

Andy Horner describes the stamp motif:

"To me, the groves next to the church, blooming with wood anemones, and their enourmous juniper berry bushes and traditional grey fences, offer the most powerful and characteristic image of Hammarland. The combination of natural and cultural landscape is very tangible here. A piece of nature, formed by human hands since the Middle Ages, now being nursed to be preserved for posterity. Since the carpets of wood anemones have previously been featured on Aland stamps, I chose to focus on the equally beautiful lesser celandine. It is equally as abundant in this biotope, but usually attracts much less attention. I simply switched white for yellow."

This stamp is the Aland Post's contribution to the joint SEPAC issue.

Date of issue: 1 October 2007

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