Reprint of Aland Flag stamp

The Aland Post has made a reprint of the popular Aland flag stamp booklet. Some alterations were made compared with the original issue.

This self-adhesive stamp booklet depicting the Aland flag was first issued 23 April 2004. The photo was taken by Robert Jansson and Cecilia Mattsson designed the stamp. The original edition was 150 000 booklets.

The booklet has now been sold out and a reprint has been made of this definitive stamp booklet. The layout of the stamp itself remains unchanged. The booklet keeps its original numbering; however, the year of issue is changed to 2007. The reprint edition is 50 000 booklets.

The booklet cover also has a new design with a punched hole for hanging, affecting the size of the booklet, which is now 97 x 60 cm. The first day cover for the reprint stamp will be available until the end of 2007.

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