Aland Scenery: Skafto, Kumlinge

Barren archipelago scenery and shady hazel groves form the municipality of Kumlinge. The photographer Erkki Santamala has chosen a beautiful stony beach in the sunset as motif for the Kumlinge stamp.

The tiny municipality of Kumlinge lies in the middle of the sea in the Aland archipelago. Most of the 360 residents live on the main island of Kumlinge, but even the islands of Enklinge, Seglinge and Bjorko have year round residents.

Kumlinge can brag of having the only airfield in the entire archipelago between Sweden and Finland. The airfield is open all the year round; it is, however, unattended. The 600 m runway is beautifully situated and is often used as training ground. However, the easiest way to get to Kumlinge is by one of the ferries operating in the Aland archipelago.

In Kumlinge, we find a post office and in Enklinge, there is a postal representative. Despite its smallness, this municipality has three shops as well as three banks. The stamp features a stony beach in Skafto on a May evening. Skafto is an uninhabited island connected to Baro, where we find a restaurant located in an old coast guard station.

Date of issue: 13 March 2007

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