Postal Transport Then and Now

The Aland Post issues two stamps featuring mail planes in March. The two stamps show an older plane, a Junkers F13 from the 1930s, and a Saab 340, a plane which is in service today.

A regular airmail service between Turku and Stockholm started in 1929, and Mariehamn was included in the service. The plane operated from the beginning of July to the middle of September. In the years to follow, the operation period increased successively. In 1938, the airmail service started operating all the year round with two daily departures to Stockholm.

Today, the Post mainly turns to the airline Turku Air for transports to the Finnish mainland. Turku Air runs two daily flights, an early morning flight and an afternoon flight. The Post also uses Air Aland for transports. The Junkers F13 was used as mail carrier to and from Aland by the company Aero (present Finnair) from 1929. The other stamp depicts the airline Air Aland's Saab 340 aircraft.

The artist behind the two stamps is Peter Bergstrom from Aland. He has previously made the stamps 'Valentine's Day' (2001) and 'UPU 125 Years', another airplane stamp from 1999. The two planes are featured in the air with the Aland archipelago stretching out below. The air routes of the two planes are illustrated on the sheets.

Date of issue: 1 March 2007

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