Iceland – A New Bible Translation

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The Bible stamp issue, which has been postponed twice at the request of the Icelandic Bible Society, will appear in October on the occasion of a new translation of the Holy Book into Icelandic.

Work on the translation commenced in 1988. Just over 90 years have passed since the Bible was translated in its entirety. When the Bible was republished in 1981 the Gospel and Acts of the Apostles were retranslated. Methods of translation have changed greatly and new approaches have been developed in translation theory. Knowledge of the ancient texts and their cultural backgrounds has increased vastly in the past century.

The New Testament was first published in Icelandic in 1540 and the Bible appeared in print in its entirety in 1584. Since then the Bible has been published 10 times in Icelandic. Five of these publications are new translations. The so-called Apocryphae which were included in all Icelandic Bible publications in the 19th century have now been included again.

The letters of the word "Biblia" in the stamp are embossed with 22 carat gold, each representing the lettering of the six Bible translations that have appeared in Icelandic.

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