Celtic Cats Stamps

On 6 September 2007, An Post issued 4 'Celtic Cats' stamps. Illustrated by Martyn Turner, the stamps feature the artist's impressions of images representing a Kilkenny Cat, a Celtic Tigress, a Fat Cat and a couple of Cool Cats.

Stamp Set

These stamps take a tongue-in-cheek look at modern Irish society and introduce some of the more easily recognisable characters that have evolved from it. The satirical Cats featured on the stamps are:

Fat Cat: A sophisticated, brash businessman with a roguish face - a professional corporate invitee perhaps!

Celtic Tigress: Fashionable and affluent, this Tigress is shown enjoying another spending spree, in her favourite habitat, the High Street.

Cool Cats: A young trendy Cat couple, wearing the latest street fashion, perhaps waiting for the next act to come on stage.

Kilkenny Cat: Dressed in black and amber with hurley and sliotar in hand, this cat is often found in the vicinity of Croke Park, Dublin at this time of year.

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