Action for Species: Birds

The latest in the range of an animal theme, Birds is the first of a proposed series of three issues that examine UK species that are endangered, but thanks to the efforts of conservation groups and the public, are now on the way to recovery.

Continuing the series of animals on stamps, the Birds stamp issue comprises of ten 1st class stamps in a se-tenant block featuring UK bird species that although on the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) endangered list, are showing signs of recovery. Each stamp features a photograph of the bird together with its common and scientific name and a statistic referring to the species' increasing population.

The birds featured on the stamps are as follows:

White Tailed Sea Eagle stamp
Bearded tit stamp
Red Kite stamp
Cirl Bunting stamp
Marsh Harrier stamp
Avocet stamp
Bittern stamp
Dartford Warbler stamp
Corncrake stamp
Peregrine stamp

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