Austria-Serbia Joint Issue

The huge riverside forests along the Danube are home to the white-tailed eagle, and represent the link behind the joint Austria-Serbia issue.

Larger populations of white-tailed eagles can be found in the nature reserves in the Vojvodina in Serbia. In Austria too, along the Danube, the March and the Thaya, the eagle is once again becoming indigent, having disappeared as a breeding bird in Austria over 50 years ago as a result of hunting, disturbances to the breeding grounds and the theft of eggs and fledglings. The common efforts by a number of nature protection organisations have led to a decisive improvement of the conditions needed for the white-tailed eagle's habitat over the last few years.

In winter 2000/2001, the bird successfully bred in Austria for the first time for many years. The number of visitors from northern and eastern Europe wintering in Austria has also increased substantially in recent years. The habitat of the white-tailed eagle is primarily on cliffs, bays, large inland lakes and rivers.

Release Date: 7 September 2007

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