Endangered Species – Mountain Gorilla

The fourth issue in Guernsey Post's endangered species series concentrates on the Mountain Gorilla. The world's gorilla population is small and declining and all three gorilla subspecies - Western Lowland Gorillas gorilla gorilla, Eastern Lowland Gorilla gorilla graueri and Mountain Gorilla gorilla beringei are listed as endangered by the Convention on International Trade for Endangered Species.

Today, much is being done by various wildlife organisations to save these magnificent creatures including the late Dian Fossey - as dramatised in the film Gorillas in the Mist. On 22 April 2007, the Wildlife Conservation Society reported in Science Daily that the population of Mountain Gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park had increased by 6 percent since the last census in 2002.

Issue Date: 2nd August 2007

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