Canada Post honours the legacy of Chief Membertou

Canada Post will honour the legacy of Grand Chief Membertou of the Mi'kmaq district Kespukwitk* with a commemorative stamp to be issued July 26. Membertou was able to forge enduring ties with French settlers at Port-Royal.

Designers Rejean Myette and Francois Martin went further with the design of this stamp than has been done with the other stamps in the series by printing the entire stamp only in engraving. Because of this, the designers had to choose colours that blended well together.

Design, photography and photomontage were entrusted to Fugazi, who also created previous stamps in the five-issue series. Suzanne Duranceau's illustration was given to engraver Jorge Peral, a craftsman of international renown who is behind many of Canada Post's detailed stamps.

* = meaning "lands end", and is now known as southern Nova Scotia

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