New Zealand Post: Clever Kiwis stamps

New Zealanders have always been known for their inventiveness – their uncanny ability to think of ingeniously clever ways of doing things with the bare minimum of resources.

It's not surprising really; the Polynesian and European pioneers who settled this country had little choice but to think laterally, act practically and never, never give up!

Kiwis have a remarkable history of turning great ideas into reality – creating 'world first' products and techniques that transform the lives of people and businesses around the world. These five stamps feature five of New Zealand's most successful inventions:

First New Zealand Electric Fence - 50c
Spreadable Butter - $1.00
Mountain Buggy - $1.50
Hamilton Waterjet - $2.00
Tranquilliser Gun - $2.50

Issue date: 1 August 2007

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