Landmarks: Australian Modernist Architecture

Four of Australia's iconic buildings from the last 50 years are celebrated with the release of the Landmarks: Australian Modernist Architecture stamp issue.

The four buildings represented are considered outstanding examples of this period in Australian design. Chosen not only for their architectural brilliance, they demonstrate a range of design solutions and materials, and feature the heritage of four states on the east and west coast of the country.

Former ICI House, Melbourne, was designed by Bates Smart & McCutcheon and completed in 1958. It was once at the forefront of Australia's development of high-rises.

Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, was designed by Roy Grounds (Grounds, Romberg & Boyd) and completed in 1959. Grounds' design was selected from a shortlist of six to house the prestigious Australian Academy of Science. A low-slung dome that appears to levitate above the moat circling its base, the building is a superb example of geometric structuralism. At the time of construction, it was the largest dome ever built in Australia and it posed considerable engineering challenges.

Council House, Perth was designed by architects Jeffrey Howlett and Donald Bailey and construction was completed in 1962. The building was Australia's first prestige multi-storey building for public administration, and it symbolizes Perth's civic pride and its aspiration to be recognized as an international city.

Sydney Opera House was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. Construction of this modernist masterpiece began in 1957, but the controversial building was not completed until 1973. Utzon's design was the winning entry of an international design competition and to this day the Sydney Opera House is renowned for its sculptural beauty and engineering wizardry.

Issue date - 10 July 2007

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