Maps of the Isle of Man

Isle of Man Post is pleased to present a set of stamps which surveys the cartography of the Isle of Man through the ages.

There are quite a few old maps of the Island in existence, but John Speed is the only cartographer who might be described as a household name. His maps are considered works of art as well as scientific documents.

Speed, by profession a tailor, by interest an antiquarian, became connected with map publication early in the 17th century. By collecting and amending already existing maps and having them re-engraved and printed, he completed his famous Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain, consisting of a total of fifty-four sheets and including the Isle of Man. His work became the model for almost every other map of the Island for the next 100 years.

Based on a personal survey by Thomas Durham in 1595, his is the earliest separate printed map of the Isle of Man and is probably the most important of all early maps of the Island.

Maps of the Isle of Man is presented in sheets of 25.

Date of Issue: 1st August 2007

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