Mourning stamp 2007 from Austria

In response to many requests expressed over some time now, the Austrian Post Office is issuing a definitive in the form of a Mourning Stamp. Like the Congratulations Stamp shortly to be released, it does not bear a nominal value, which means that it can always be used for the standard rate for the first postage class irrespective of any change in postage charges.

The picture chosen for this particular definitive is the "Queen of flowers", the rose. It is a symbol of mourning for a loved one. Ever since antiquity it has been a sign of love and expresses man's yearning for a better life. Roses and graves have also been inseparable since antiquity, and cemeteries are occasionally referred to as rose gardens. Even today, roses are placed on the grave at the burial as a sign of affection for the deceased, while white or red roses decorate the wreath and it is not unusual for a rosebush to twine itself around the gravestone.

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