First Taiwan stamps without ‘China’

The first of the new controversial stamps issued in Taiwan which feature the country's name instead of 'Republic of China' went on sale Wednesday 28 February.

The state-owned 'Chunghwa (China) Post' also changed its name to 'Taiwan Post' on Wednesday in a move which has angered China.

Over 400,000 of the new stamps, which feature the new National 228 Memorial Hall, were sold on the first day of issue.

500 sets of the stamps were sold at the Taipei Post Office boasting a special postmark. With the laws not yet in place regarding the change in name, there is a chance that 'Taiwan Post' may have revert to 'Chunghwa Post'. If the name change is reversed, then the collectors who managed to obtain one of the 500 sets on Wednesday may well have purchased a rarity.

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