Austria: Liechtenstein Museum Wien – Amerling

For the second joint issue with the Principality of Liechtenstein, in continuation of the "Liechtenstein Museum Vienna" series, the choice fell on a painting of a Girl's head by the famous Biedermeier genre painter Friedrich von Amerling (1803 – 1887).

Alongside Waldmuller, he is the most highly regarded portrait painter of the 19th century, and was awarded many commissions by the Imperial family and the aristocracy up to the Year of Revolution, 1848.

The many paintings by him to be found in the Princely Collections testify to the special relationship he enjoyed with Prince Johann I (1760 – 1836) von Liechtenstein. Amerling portrayed the family of Prince Alois II von Liechtenstein in a masterly series, the most famous of these intimate pictures of children no doubt being the portrait of the two-year-old Princess Maria Franziska von Liechtenstein painted in 1836, a painting that never fails to enchant.

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