Stamp overprinted with new design: Tree

The baroque Heiligenkreuz Calvary is one of the most attractive Calvaries in Austria. Old chestnut and lime trees line the path, which begins to the east of the monastery and leads up a small rise. Small chapels with the images of the Calvary stand amongst the trees, while saints in stone to the left and right of the path accompany the faithful along the avenue. At the end stands the Crucifixion Chapel, from which a double stairway curves down towards the road to Gaaden. The Calvary was built under Abbot Robert Leeb (1728-1755). The sculptures along the path were created in the workshop of the baroque sculptor Giovanni Giuliani, who was also responsible for numerous sculptures in the Cistercian monastery. The Calvary was saved from ruin by extensive renovations in 1990 to 1993.

This stamp was printed in 2005 and overprinted immediately.

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