Nude on Stamp 3rd value: Youngboy Vienna Austria

Her unmistakeable handwriting is a marked indicator of her personality. Born under the sign of Aquarius on January 27, 1955, Cornelia Schlesinger is a self-taught artist who has established her position on the art scene by means of the staging of her own self. Her education, grammar school in Vienna and civil engineering technical college in Innsbruck, is in apparent contradiction to her artistic talents, nevertheless it gave her artistic tendencies the encouragement they needed. Her drawings and sketches were appreciated and collected by teachers and fellow-pupils alike. Her pages of poetry are delight to both old and young, while in addition she has always made use of photography as a means of giving structure to her creative work.

Cornelia Schlesinger loves to present cycles of pictures. For the year 2000, as a symbol of the millennium, she created 99 drawings with "lucky piglets" (a symbol from Austrian tradition) in different poses, published in a picture book dedicated to her family, her three daughters and her husband. In 2005 she painted 55 pictures on the topic of "Happy Birthday Mister President" which were lined up next to each other for the opening of the architecturally spectacular Paradiso Pannonia Sandhohe wine cellar in Monchhof. The 12- part picture "Zodiakus" is a sexist reflection of the signs of the Zodiac. Her 2005 Christmas painting entitled "Fairytale" entrances the viewer with 15 scenes from fairytales. In 2006, she has been inspired by both the Mozart Year and by the 150th anniversary of Sigmund Freud's birth. The works "Amadeus CCL" and the composite "FREUDenHAUS" window painting were presented in Monchhof. Cornelia Schlesinger uses a decisive visual presentation to realise her individualism in stylistic terms, communicating to the viewer's imagination the truest meaning of the term joie de vivre and stimulating him or her to enjoy the moment. It is this intention that is also expressed in the male nude "Youngboy Vienna Austria 2005" on the stamp: It is where light and colour set the tone that one wants to stay, no matter where on earth one might be.

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