German and Austrian Philately Exhibition Bad Reichenhall

The 107th Philately Exhibition - surcharged stamp (0,55 + 0,20 Euro)

It was in 1896, that the "Federation of Austrian and German Philately Clubs" was founded in Cologne, comprising over 60 clubs from the German-speaking countries. The Federation survived the First World War and continued in existence until 1924. In 1921 the Federation of Austrian Philately Clubs was founded in Vienna, followed in 1924 by the "Federation of German Philately Clubs (at Home and Abroad)" in Munich. The latter, following a very eventful existence, was replaced by the "Federation of German Philatelists e.V." in 1946.

The Philately Exhibition tradition itself started in 1889, when the first Federal Exhibition was held in Mainz. At that time, philately was still largely a leisure activity for the aristocracy and the elite, but it has since become a popular "sport" that attracts people from all sectors of society around the world.

The close friendship between the Federation of German Philatelists and the Federation of Austrian Philately Clubs dates back many years, and has resulted in the resurrection of the tradition of a joint German and Austrian Philately Exhibition.

For the first time, the 107th Philately Exhibition is to be held as a joint event of the two federations from 6th to 8th October 2006 in the Bavarian spa town of Bad Reichenhall. A varied and attractive programme of events is expected to draw visitors from far and wide to this "Philately Festival of Superlatives". A Philately Salon and a number of special exhibitions will give the visitors the opportunity to broaden their philatelic horizons beyond their own specialist fields and to make contact with fellow collectors. The Austrian Post Office is celebrating this bridge between nations with both a commemorative stamp to be issued for the Exhibition and a display at the Bad Reichenhall event. There will also be a display by the Austrian State Printing House.

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