A Lifetime Partnership – Elizabeth and Philip

Isle of Man Post is pleased to present a set of six stamps in recognition of the remarkable partnership between HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh which has spanned over 60 years.

On 20th November 1947 Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary married the love of her life, Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten RN, at Westminster Abbey. In the years since then the world has changed utterly. Then she was the heir to an empire that, despite the independence granted to India months earlier, still covered much of the world, patrolled by a substantial army and powerful navy. Today the Royal Navy, which Prince Philip served with such dedication and ambition, has shrunk almost to vanishing point, as has the empire that it guarded. Even the Royal Yacht Britannia has been pensioned off. Society has changed, too. In 1949 the future Queen said that divorce was the cause of: "... some of the greatest evils in our society." It is therefore a testament to their commitment to one another that the Queen and Prince Philip themselves remain a steadfast monument to the sanctity of marriage.

In the years of their marriage, the Princess has become a Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh a Prince. They have raised three sons and a daughter, who have in turn given them seven grandchildren. They have seen beloved friends and relations pass away. Throughout her reign critics have woundingly criticised the Queen and questioned the role of the monarchy. That it survives and is in good health is surely due to the qualities of the Queen and Prince Philip, and the strength of their marriage.

Date of Issue: 22nd February 2007

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