Border Guard

Hungary Post has for three years been issuing regular stamps as a mark of respect for the work of the Border Guard.

Following the conquest of Hungary by the Magyar tribes, the borders of the state began to be delineated during the organisation of the kingdom of Hungary. The consolidation of the guard to protect the border is associated with the name of St King Ladislaus. Today his memory is remembered by the Border Guard who chose King Ladislaus as patron saint and St Ladislaus' Day is Border Guard Day.

The stamp's main motif is a falcon, the symbol of keen sight and watchfulness, but the Border Guard's coat of arms and an embroidered turul, an eagle-like bird from Hungarian mythology, from their uniform are also depicted. The background shows a detail from the embroidered flag of the Border Guard. A border crossing features on the first day cover and the design of the postmark employs a stylised version of the rubber stamp used by guards at the border.

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