The First Jeeps

The first four-wheel-drive car to arrive in Iceland was a German Army jeep, type Tempo Vidal. In World War II the American military had some experimental vehicles made for use in warfare. The Willys factories produced a lightweight four-wheel-drive vehicle and in 1946, after great many improvements, the Willys jeep we know today emerged. The American military brought the first jeeps to the country in 1942. The government granted general import licenses for them in 1946. The first vehicles of this type had canvas soft tops but in Iceland they were fitted with wooden tops. The next jeep to be imported was LandRover (1951) from England. During the next years more jeeps were imported, among them the Soviet made GAZ (1955), commonly known as the "Russian jeep", and later Austin Gypsy, which was made in Britain.

Day of issue : 29-03-2006
Printing process : Offset
Number in Sheet : 4
Printer : Cartor
Size : 26 x 36.94 mm
Designer : Hlynur Olafsson
Value : 4x90 ISK

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