Iceland: The First Refugees

In 1956 Icelanders wanted to emulate their neighbouring countries which had started accepting and accommodating political refugees. Following the October revolution in Hungary 1956 Icelandic authorities received a request from the UN Refugee Agency asking for assistance to exiled Hungarians in Austria. About 200.000 people had fled the Soviet sponsored dictatorship of Janos Kadar to Yugoslavia and Austria. The Icelandic government responded by offering sanctuary to 52 Hungarian refugees. This was the first organized group of refugees to arrive in Iceland. The Hungarians generally adapted quite well even if only about a half of the original group applied for and received Icelandic citizenship. Some of them later moved to other countries. Approximately one third of the refugees still resides in Iceland and retains Icelandic citizenship.

469 - The First Refugees
Day of issue : 02-02-2006
Printing process : Offset
Number in Sheet : 10
Printer : Osterreichische Staatsdruckerei
Size : 27.50 x 38.50 mm
Designer : Tryggvi T. Tryggvason
Value : 70 ISK

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