Iceland: Insects and spiders

The Norwegian wasp (Dolichovespula norwegica) was first found in the summer of 1980 both in the West and the East of the country. Its nest is often quite exposed and visible. Two species of ladybeetle are found in Iceland, the ladybird (Coccinella undecimpunctata) and the ladybug (Scymnus limonii). The ladybird is about 4 mm in length with a black head and eleven black dots on the wings. Icelandic ladybirds can usually be seen early in spring until September.

Day of issue : 02-11-2006
Printing process : Offset
Number in Sheet : 10
Printer : Joh. Enschede
Size : 28 x 37.70 mm
Designer : Orn Snorrason / Oddur Sigurdsson
Value : 65, 100 ISK

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