Iceland: Nordic Mythology II

The Nordic countries are issuing a joint stamp series on Nordic mythology in three parts. The theme of this second part is "mythical beings". From time immemorial, Nordic folklore has it that these beings exist, scaring and fascinating mankind. Their existence served as an explanation to most natural phenomena and was also practical in child upbringing. In some way or another, most mythical beings bore a resemblance to man but always had a distinctive feature. The appearance of a mythical being was considered an omen of some kind. Tales of elves and fairies is a branch of mythology. According to them elves and hidden beings originate in heaven and in the earth. Snorri's Edda tells of friendly fairies outshining the sun in their beauty. The hidden people are gregarious beings who look human, often wear colourful clothes and can predict the future.

Day of issue : 29-03-2006
Printing process : Offset 5-colours
Number in Sheet : 1
Printer : Joh. Enschede
Size : 70 x 105 mm
Designer : Dagur Hilmarsson/Johann Briem
Value : 95 ISK

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