Iceland: Rock’n’roll

Although opinions vary on when rock'n'roll arrived in Iceland, most agree that it was no later than 1956. The event is generally dated to the inception of a weekly program on National Radio dedicated to rock music. In early 1957 movie theatres featured three American rock films which had been produced the year before. These movies gave rise to the first nationwide wave of rock'n'roll. The 45 RPM vinyl records were immensely popular during these years. Such a record is depicted on the stamp in a jacket decorated with several well-known symbols of the fifties: the Gibson guitar used by Elvis Presley, a Cadillac preferred by rock stars and young people dancing to the rock'n'roll beat. The Icelandic Historians' Association holds its annual Countryside Conference in Keflavík in 2006 where 50 years of rock'n'roll and Icelandic pop-culture will be the main topics.

468 - Rock'n'Roll
Day of issue : 02-02-2006
Printing process : Offset
Number in Sheet : 10
Printer : Osterreichische Staatsdruckerei
Size : 35 x 35 mm
Designer : Hany Hadaya
Value : 60 ISK

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