Edible Fungi in Greenland

Today POST Greenland issues a total of 5 new stamps that represent a wide range of aspects of Greenlandic culture, history, and nature.

The last 3 stamps in the series show The Gypsy (DKK 5,00), Saffron Milk Cap (DKK 7,00) and Arctic Puffball (DKK 10,00). Traditionally, fungi were not part of Greenlandic meals, but in the last years, the interest in edible fungi rose in Greenland. The Gypsy and Saffron Milk Cap are also available in separate mini sheets with 8 stamps. Furthermore, the two stamps are offered in a pretty stamp booklet with a self-adhesive back. Finally, all 3 stamps are included in a small souvenir folder with recipes for delicious fungi menus.

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