Sweden: Mythical Forest Beings

Mythical Forest Beings is the second issue in the Nordic Top of the World collaboration. Eight Nordic postal organizations are all issuing a series of stamps in three parts on the theme of Nordic Mythology. The 2006 Swedish issue focuses on mythical beings in folklore - such as the Siren of the Woods and Necken.

From the front, the Siren of the Woods (Skogsraet) is a beautiful woman, but she lures men in the forest and leads them to ruin. By tradition, she has a tail or a hollow back. She also possesses the many beasts of the forest. Necken (Nacken) is a dangerous supernatural water being. The stamp sees him tearing his heart out in despair. His soul is forever lost. Necken was perceived as dangerous as he was thought to try to drown people. However, he is also a highly musical being, and those who dance to his music are said never to be able to stop.

Both stamps include a surprise in the form of microtext which can be read with a magnifying glass.

The Mythical Forest Beings stamps are issued in a minisheet of two stamps. The proofs are by Nina Bondeson with typography by Gustav Martensson. Martin Morck engraved the stamps, which are printed in combination print with monotone recess and four-color offset. The denomination is 10 kronor, First-Class international.

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