2007 stamps – the excitement of Eurovision and the scent of gingerbread

Next year, Finland Post will issue 53 different stamps in 25 issues. The issue dates are 24 January, 7 March, 9 May, 23 August and 2 November.

A four-stamp miniature sheet will be issued for the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Finland next May. One of the stamps is by Mr Lordi, Tomi Putaansuu himself.

Stamps will also be issued to commemorate anniversaries of Mikael Agricola, the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, the Football Association of Finland, the Finnish Olympic Committee, and Tampere Cathedral. The miniature sheet issued in honour of Finland's 90th year of independence features photos taken by Finns themselves during the nine decades of self-determination. New stamp designers making their debut this year are ceramic artist Helja Liukko-Sundstrom, interior designer Markku Kosonen, and graphic designer Marjo Nygard-Niemisto. Next year, for the first time, Finland's Easter stamps will have the authentic feel of ceramics and the Christmas stamp will have the aroma of gingerbread.

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