Canada Post Introduces New Stamp with Lasting Appeal! Pennywise Canadians to benefit from new PERMANENT stamp

Canada Post today announced the introduction of a new non-denominated stamp that will retain its value forever. The PERMANENT stamp will be accepted at the basic domestic Lettermail rate and replaces next year's 52 cents domestic rate definitive stamps. The PERMANENT stamp will eliminate the need to purchase 1 cent stamps after a rate increase, doing away with the need for Canadians to worry about 'using up' postage stamps before a rate increase takes effect.

The PERMANENT stamp will go on sale at the current domestic rate of 51 cents on November 16 at postal offices throughout Canada. These stamps will be accepted at the new 52 cents rate effective January 15, 2007 when the basic Lettermail rate increases by one cent.

In addition to the PERMANENT stamp, Canadians will also be able to use up their existing stock of 51 cents stamps in 2007. 51 cents stamps will be accepted next year at the 52 cents rate (while supplies last), even after the January 15, 2007 rate increase.

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