Women’s Suffrage in Finland 100 Years

As the first country in the world, Finland introduced universal suffrage and equal eligibility for women in 1906. The Aland Post now focuses on this occasion by issuing a stamp on the theme "Women's suffrage 100 years" on 8 March, the international women's day.

In 2006, it has been 100 years since women in Finland were granted the right to vote. Finland was thus the first country in Europe to introduce universal suffrage, and the first country in the world to even have equal eligibility for women, that is to say the right to stand for the Finnish parliament. As early as 1893, New Zealand introduced universal suffrage; however, women could still not stand for election.

The stamp was designed by the artist Henrika Lax. She was born in 1971, and she lives in Helsinki and Lemland in Aland. She explains her choice of stamp motif: "The stamp shows a girl screaming out her joy of living. The little girl symbolizes the past and the future. A child is the product of the tender care and work of past generations. The girl carries with her the good inheritance for which her female 'ancestors' have fought; however, the child also leads your thoughts towards the future. As an adult, she can make her voice heard in the fight for more equality in the world."

Date of issue: 8 March 2006
Artist: Henrika Lax
Edition: 300,000

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