The ‘Letesgubbe’

The second part of the three-part Nordic series of miniature sheets on the theme Nordic mythology features "mythical beings". The Aland miniature sheet shows a 'letesgubbe'.

Letesgubbar were mythical beings who lived in the archipelago. By banging walls, jangling and throwing objects to attract people's attention, they warned for oncoming storms. 'Letesgubbar' were short old men, who looked a lot like the ordinary Kokar man. They lived around fishing villages and were named after the place on which they were seen, the Or-gubbe or the Skarvskars-gubbe for instance.

'Leten' are a kind of floats used for herring-nets. The word 'lete' has been generally used in Aland and even in the archipelago both east and west of Aland. The word seems to derive from the word 'latte', which means to lighten or to lift up. The stamp shows a 'letesgubbe' who rattles his 'leten', his floats, to warn for an oncoming storm.

Date of issue: 29 March 2006
Artist: Juha Pykalainen
Edition: 200 000 miniature sheets

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