Aland Scenery in Lemland and Sottunga

Two new stamps will be issued in the 'Aland scenery' series even this year. One of the stamps features the municipality of Lemland, the other motif was found in Sottunga, the smallest municipality of Finland.

Lemland is the southernmost municipality on main Aland and is completely surrounded by the sea. To the northwest, Lemland borders on the municipality of Jomala by the beautiful Lemstrom canal, and to the east, Lemland borders on Lumparland by the sound of Lumparsund.

With its approx. 1 700 inhabitants, the municipality of Lemland is the fastest growing municipality of Aland, much thanks to its proximity to Mariehamn. The stamp shows an enchanting view of a grove at dawn on a windless November morning. The photo was taken in Lemland Soderby by Erkki Santamala.

Sottunga is a small island community in the eastern archipelago of Aland. With its 134 inhabitants, Sottunga is the smallest municipality of both Aland and Finland. The ferry service from Sottunga to main Aland is good. A trip between Sottunga and LAngnas in Lumparland takes about an hour. The stamp shows a flat rock in Norra Essvik, photographed by Kjell Soderlund on a summer evening.

Date of issue: 4 August 2006
Photographer: Erkki Santamala (Lemland), Kjell Soderlund (Sottunga)
Edition: 300 000

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