Hungary: Enamel paintings on the Holy Crown II

Hungary Post is presenting the enamel paintings on the Holy Crown on special stamps.

According to the plans the special series of stamps will be issued over a period of four years, on four independent miniature sheets.

The serial numbered special sheet was made using the works of artist Eva Nyary. On the miniature sheet the seven different stamps arranged in the shape of a cross show seven of the enamel paintings on the Holy Crown in the same arrangement as they are actually "on the bands of the crown as if spread out".

The motifs on the stamps of the miniature sheet, starting from the top of the vertical part of the cross are the following: John the Apostle, God the Creator Pantocrator), Jacob the Apostle; on the left and right of the horizontal part of the cross: Andrew the Apostle, Peter the Apostle, Paul the Apostle and Philip the Apostle.

On the background print of the frame picture of the sheet there is a part of the coronation robe from the collection of the National Museum of Hungary. At the bottom on the left there is the foil-printed silhouette of the crown also showing the arrangement of the enamel paintings printed on the sheet. The main motif of the special envelope belonging to the miniature sheet is the crown, and a stylised drawing of the crown also appears on the special cancellation stamp.

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